Try Xeomin, the Purified Wrinkle Relaxer

Retail $750, Promo $599

(Retail $250 per area, Promo $599 for 3 areas) *must do 3 areas for promo

Look Lovely with Lumecca

Retail $2,400, Promo $1,800 - 3 Sessions

As the ultimate in IPL, Lumecca sets the gold standard for laser.
(Retail $2,400, Promo $1,800 - 3 Sessions)

Never Been Kyssed? Let's Change That

Retail $899, Promo $799 *lips only

Plump your pout with the newest, most real feeling and looking lip filler.
(Retail $899, Promo $799) *lips only

Get Back to Beauty with Jeuveau, the Newest Toxin - AKA Newtox

Retail $250 per area, Promo $40 off 2 Treatments

Smooth that forehead and problem areas with Jeuveau.
(Retail $250 per area, Promo $40 off 2 treatments when you sign up for Jeauveau Rewards)

Feel Fabulous with a Forma Facial

Retail $400, Promo $299

Receive a custom facial complemented with Forma's RF technology. Experience an increase in collagen production, lifting, tightening, and contouring.
(Retail $400, Promo $299)

Feel Slim & Sexy this Summer - with CoolSculpting

Buy 2 Get 1 Free, lesser priced area free

Sculpt that body to look and feel better than ever with nonsurgical, outpatient CoolSculpting. Slip right into your favorite clothes this summer!
*Buy 2 Get 1 Free, lesser priced area free

Swimwear is Your Friend this Summer - The Latest in Laser Hair Removal

Retail $2,100, Promo $1,250

Spend More Time Enjoying Yourself, Less Time in the Shower. Two Offers: 1. Back, Leg or Brazilian $249 per Session or 2. Package of 6 Sessions (Retail $2,100, Promo $1,250)

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