About Us

Janet Notes Licensed Esthetician

Janet is a licensed medical esthetician and a skincare specialist coveted throughout Manhattan. Her cutting edge skincare treatments apply the latest in technologies and aesthetics techniques and incorporate highly effective cosmeceutical skincare products, giving each patient outstanding results.

She has worked around the nation with award winning dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons since 2005. Janet’s loyal clientele have benefited from her passion and the individualized treatment regimens she carefully selects to provide optimal results. Janet has been profiled in magazines and her entrusted clientele include celebrities and models.

Janet’s philosophy is founded on the concept that the skin is a living organism and it is critical to match the unique requirements of the environment, such as hormonal fluctuations, stress, and climate changes to the individual’s immediate needs in order to achieve beautiful skin.

Her background includes aesthetic consulting services where she applied her comprehensive aesthetic knowledge for the development of spas across the New York City area and a decade long career as a fashion model allowing her to understand the importance of putting your best face forward.

Janet utilizes a wide range of skin therapies in her treatments and will customize her treatment plan for your unique circumstance.

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