CoolSculpting New York

The CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is the only nonsurgical, FDA-approved fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat.

Who is capable of sculpting your body to perfection? A CoolSculpting Master Specialist.

Changing someone’s body image through fat reduction with CoolSculpting requires an expert technician with compassion, advanced training and an ability to produce phenomenal results. Clients of the Rejuvenation MD NYC Institute get all three with Janet Notes, our lead CoolSculpting technician. Notes now holds the highest accreditation CoolSculpting offers technicians, after recently completing the CoolSculpting University Masters course, with the most elite men and women in the industry.

Many perform CoolSculpting, but Janet has gone the extra mile to complete expert training in the area. “CoolSculpting is so much more than freezing someone’s fat,” Notes says. “It’s about earning the trust of men and women who might be less confident, ashamed or who have tried everything to lose weight but still don’t see the results they want. “CoolSculpting is an art,” Notes adds. “It’s the ability to transform someone’s body so they feel more confident to go after whatever was once holding them back.”

As one of the top cosmetic specialists invited to participate in the Masters CoolSculpting program, Notes received in-depth training on clinical protocols and learned new ways to enhance the CoolSculpting consultation and treatment process. The two-day training program also included interactive presentations, hands-on training, and peer-to-peer workshops. CoolSculpting safely delivers controlled cooling to gently and effectively target stubborn fat cells underneath the skin. Once frozen, these fat cells gradually die and are eliminated from the body through natural processes, leaving a leaner, more sculpted you. And all fat eliminated through CoolSculpting is gone for good!

After many years of research, you can feel confident that CoolSculpting is based on sound science. Leading researchers and doctors have published more than 100 peer-reviewed publications testifying to its benefits.

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DualSculpting is the process of having two sessions done at the same time. We are currently one of few practices in NYC able to offer a DualSculpting experience.

We currently offer the latest CoolSculpting applicators to sculpt your body to perfection.

  • CoolMini®
  • CoolSmooth PRO™
  • CoolMax
  • CoolAdvantage™
  • CoolAdvantage Petite™

These additional provide incredible results to multiple areas of the body.

Sculpt away that double chin with the CoolMini. Special applicators have been developed for double chin reduction. CoolSculpting is the #1 nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment can now eliminate stubborn fat under the chin.*

CoolSmooth PRO is a flat applicator that treats a larger variety of areas on the body, such as the outer thighs and smaller bulges. It’s the perfect treatment for slimming down saddlebags.

The CoolMax is the largest applicator, which freezes the most fat cells in the least amount of time. It’s actually a suction applicator specifically designed to target extensive pockets of pinchable fat. It’s large size lends it to debulking, and especially treats larger circumference areas and belly overhang, love handles, and more.

Patients report 45% improvement in comfort with CoolAdvantage applicators. CoolAdvantage offers shorter treatment times, more comfortable applicators, and more tissue treated.

CoolAdvantage Petite is the ultimate for bringing back a slim contour to upper arms.

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